Periodicals and Anthologies

“Aquarelle.” College Verse 2.1 (Nov. 1932): 12-13.

“Raimon the Singer.” College Verse 2.3 (Jan. 1933): 16-17.
“Alms.” College Verse 2.6 (Apr. 1933): 17.
Three Poems. College Verse 2.7 (May 1933): 17.
Contents: “Inspiration,” “Bay Road,” “Blanchefleur.”

“Shoreline.” Poetry 45.5 (Feb. 1935): 254-256.
Three Poems. New English Weekly (London) 61.7 (7 Feb. 1935): 354.
Contents: “Lethe,” “Cassandra,” “Beyond Medusa.”
Three Poems. Poetry 46.1 (Apr. 1935): 28-29.
Contents: “Faun in Exile,” “Lai,” “Ondine.”
Note “Faun in Exile” was revised and retitled “Wine Ship” in later printings.
Fourteen Poems. The Westminster Quarterly 24.1 (Spring-Summer 1935) [An anthology of British and American Poetry edited by Ezra Pound, John Drummond and T.C. Wilson]: 30-32, 38.
Contents: “Mask,” “Cat,” “Study,” “Chanson Pathetique,” “To a Lie-Adept,” “Dormitory,” “Drama,” “Lament,” “Commerce,” “Trefoil,” “Lyonesse Sub Mare,” “Lai,” “Cassandra,” “Beyond Medusa.”
Note: “Lai” was reprinted from Poetry 1935, and “Cassandra” and “Beyond Medusa” from New English Weekly 1935.
“Ondine.” Poetry 47.2 (Nov. 1935): 111-112.
Note: Reprinted in conjunction with Poetry’s award of the Helen Haire Levinson prize to M.B.

Two Poems. American Prefaces 1.4 (Jan. 1936): 61.
Contents: “The Silk Leaf,” “Without Benefit of Tragedy.”Eleven Poems. New Democracy 5.12 (15 Feb. 1936): 193-194.
Contents: “Cold Heaven,” “Curly Locks,” “A Defence of the Poet’s Method,” “Eavesdropper,” “Epicure,” “Mechanism,” “Planks,” “Playroom,” “Point of Departure,” “Provincial,” “Tourist.”
Three Poems. New Directions 1. Ed. James Laughlin. Norfolk, CT: New Directions, 1936. No pag.
Contents: “Cold Heaven,” “Planks,” “Playroom.”
Note: All these poems reprinted from New Democracy 1936.

“Northwest Anchorage.” New Republic 91.1183 (4 Aug. 1937): 368.
Note: Retitled “Roots” in later printings.
Three Poems. New Directions 2. Ed. James Laughlin. Norfolk, CT: New Directions, 1937. No pag.
Contents: “Adversity and the Generations,” “Blood Ritual,” “Suggested Miracle.”

Four Poems. Poetry 52.5 (Aug. 1938): 256-258.
Contents: “Storm,” “Remarks on Poetry and the Physical World,” “The Tears of Princesses,” “Provincial II.”
“Remarks on Poetry and the Physical World.” New York Herald Tribune 25 Sept. 1938.
Note: Reprinted from Poetry.
Three Poems. Townsman (London) 1.4 (Oct. 1938): 6-8.
Contents: “Roots,” “Remarks on Poetry and the Physical World,” “The Trestle.”
Note: “The Trestle” was later retitled “Logging Trestle.”

Two Poems. Partisan Review 6.4 (Summer 1939): 20-21.
Contents: “Fable from the Cayoosh Country,” “Winter Evening.”

“In Praise of Potted Plants.” Furioso 1.2 (New Year’s Issue 1940): 20-21.
Two Poems. Furioso 1.3 (Spring 1940): 23.
Contents: “Prometheus Loved Us,” “The Rapids.”

“Salt.” Providence Journal. 15 June 1941, sec. 6:2.
“Beds of My Fathers.” Providence Journal. 10 Aug. 1941: sec. 6:2.
Note: Later retitled “Beds.”

“Encounter in Buffalo.” Harper’s Bazaar (Dec. 1942): 106.

Three Poems. Poetry 63.5 (Feb. 1944): 262-263.
Contents: “Fable of the Ant and the Word,” ‘Heights Is the Distance Down,” “Crossroads.”
“The Fitting.” Harper’s Bazaar (July 1944).

“Boundaries: The Shadow.” Harper’s Bazaar 2820 (Dec. 1946): 164-165, 278 ff. Prose.

“The Cat.” Today’s Woman (Mar. 1947): 18, 38 ff. Prose.
“This Poor Soul.” Tiger’s Eye 2 (Dec. 1947): 19.
Note: Retitled “The Whisperer” in later printings.
‘Inheritance.” Furioso 2.3 (Spring 1947): 24.

“Persephone.” Harper’s Bazaar 2842 (Oct. 1948): 262.
“A Character Must Have a Name.” Yale Review 37.2 (Winter 1948): 281-298. Prose.
Three Fables. Kenyon Review 10.1 (Winter 1948): [109]-124. Prose.
Contents: “Fable from Vantage,” “Ascent with Chorus,” “Fire.”

“Midnight.” Saturday Review of Literature 32.12 (19 Mar. 1949): 7.

“The God in the Flowerpot.” American Scholar 32.4 (Autumn 1963): 578-586. Prose.
Note: This essay was reprinted in Psychedelic Review 1.2 (Fall 1963): 244-2511964
“A Dragon Hunt.” American Scholar 33.3 (Summer 1964): 422-427. Prose.

“They Are Excited.” Origin 3rd Series, 2 (July 1966): 53.
“The Pleiades.” New Yorker 42.27 (27 Aug. 1966): 38.
“Odysseus Speaking.” “…stained the water clear…” A Festschrift for Lloyd J. Reynolds. Portland, OR (1966): 60.
Note: Translation of a passage from the Odyssey.

“The Pleiades.” The New Yorker Book of Poems. Ed. by the Editors of The New Yorker. New York: Viking Press, 1969. 556.
Note: Reprinted from The New Yorker, 1966.

“E.P. Martinsbrunn, 1961.” Odysseus 1.2 (Oct.- Nov. 1971) No pag.
Note: Reprinted with “E.P Sant’Ambrogio, 1964” under the combined title “Two Visits.”

Four Poems. Odysseus 1.5: No pag.
Contents: “E.P. Sant’Ambrogio, 1964,” “Fragments,” “The Spring,” “The Fable of The Ant and the Word.”
Note: “Fragments’ was retitled “Later” in subsequent publications.
“E.P. Sant’Ambrogio 1964” was reprinted with “E.P. Martinsbrunn 1961” under the combined title “Two Visits” in Collected Poems.

Two Poems. Agenda (London) 13.4-14.1 (Winter-Spring 1976): 11-12.
Contents: “Inheritance,” “The Pleiades.”
Note: “Inheritance” was first published in 1947, “The Pleiades” in 1966.
Two Poems. New Letters 42.4 (Summer 1976): 7-8.
Contents: ‘The Solitary,” “Noon Hour.”

Four Poems. Encore 2.4 (Feb.-Mar. 1978): 6,9.
Contents: “Probably Nobody,” “Seedlings,” “The Fitting,” “Later.”
Note: “The Fitting” reprinted from A Few Poems.
“Shoreline.” The POETRY Anthology. Ed. Daryl Hine and Joseph Parisi. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1978. 150-152.
Note: A reprinting of the 1935 version from Poetry.
“A Communication on Greek, Metric, Ezra Pound and Sappho.” Agenda (London) 16.3-4 (Autumn-Winter 1978-1979): 62-68. Prose.

Twelve Poems. Northwest Review 17.2-3 (1979): 233-242.
Contents: “Logging Trestle,” “Cool Country,” “Storm,” “Wine Ship,” “Lai,” “The Orchard Spring,” “Provincial II,” “The Fitting,” “The Whisperer,” “Anadyomene,” “Inheritance,” “Midnight.”
Note: The first seven reprinted (along with “A Note on Poetry” from Cool Country, the last five from A Few Poems.
“A Note on Poetry” and seven poems. From Cool Country in Five Young American Poets (1940). An Anthology of Northwest Writing: 1900-1950. Ed. Strelow. Eugene: U Oregon P, 1979. 227-238.
Contents: “Logging Trestle,” “Cool Country,” “Storm,” “Wine Ship,” “Lai,” “The Orchard Spring,” “Provincial II.”
Five Poems. From A Few Poems (1952). An Anthology of Northwest Writing: 1900-1950. Ed. Strelos. Eugene: U Oregon P, 1979. 239-242.
Contents: “The Fitting,” “The Whisperer,” “Anadyomene,” “Inheritance,” “Midnight.”

Six Poems. Woman Poet: The West. Ed. Elaine Dallman. Reno, NV: Reno/Regional Editions, 1980. 34-35.
Contents: “Real Estate,” “Journey,” “Static,” “The Gorge,” “The Rock of Levkas,” “The Pump.”
Note: This anthology was scheduled for publication before Collected Poems, but was actually published the next year. Consequently, the Breitenbush book acknowledges previous publication in this anthology, which makes no mention of previous publication in Collected Poems.
In Collected Poems “The Gorge” was combined with two other brief poems under the common title “The River Under Different Lights.’

“Travel Notes.” Cincinnati Poetry Review 8 (Spring 1981): 47.
“The Solitary.” From A to Z: 200 Contemporary American Poets. Ed. David Ray. Athens, OH: Swallow Press / Ohio University Press, 1981. 6-7.
Note: Reprinted from New Letters. 1976.

“Meeting Marianne.” Iowa Review 13.1 (Winter 1982): 96-100. Prose.
“Ezra Pound, Sappho and my Assault on Mount Helicon.” Malahat Review 66 (Oct. 1983): 140-144. Prose.
“William Carlos Williams and the Poetry Archive at Buffalo.” William Carlos Williams: Man and Poet. Ed. Carroll F. Terrell. Orono, ME: The National Poetry Foundation, University of Maine, 1983. 83-88. Prose.
“The Rapids.” Rain in the Forest, Light in the Trees: Contemporary American Poetry from the Northwest. Ed. Rich Ives. Missoula, MT: Owl Creek Press, 1983. 11.
Note: Reprinted from Collected Poems.

“Playroom.” New Directions 50. Ed. James Laughlin, Peter Glassgold and Griselda Ohanessian. New York: New Directions, 1986. 76-77.
Note: Reprinted from New Directions 1, 1936.
“Song for the Northern Quarter.” Paris Review 99 (Spring 1986): 166-168.
“Fire.’ From Timberline to Tidepool: Contemporary Fiction from the Northwest. Ed. Rich Ives. Missoula, MT: Owl Creek Press, 1986. 10-16.
Note: Reprinted from Three Fables 1948 and 1975.

“On Arriving.” Poetry 151. 1-2 (Oct.-Nov 1987): 12.
“La Donna.” Annual Survey of American Poetry: 1986. Edited by the Editorial Board, Roth Publishing, Inc. Great Neck, NY: Roth Publishing Co., 1987. 30-32.
Note: Reprinted from Time and the White Tigress, 1986.

“On Arriving.” Oregon English 11.2B (Fall 1989): 73.
Note: Reprinted from Poetry 1987.

“The Pleiades.” Testo a fronte 6 (Milano, Marzo, 1992): 130-131.
Note: Reprinted with translation into Italian by Mary de Rachewiltz.

“Student Days at Reed College.” Many Faces: An Anthology of Oregon Autobiography. Ed. Stephen Dow Beckham. Corvallis: Oregon State University Press, 1993. 62-68.
Note: An excerpt reprinted from Assault on Mount Helicon: A Literary Memoir.

Sappho translations. The Oxford Book of Classical Verse in Translation. Ed. Poole and Maule. 1995.
“Static.” The Golden Ecco Anthology: 100 Poems by Women. Ed. Carolyn Kizer. Hopewell, NJ: The Ecco Press, 1995. 95.

Eight Poems. American Poetry: The Twentieth Century. Vol. II. Ed. Hass, Hollander, Kizer, Mackey, Perloff. New York: Library of America, 2000. 655-660.
Contents: “Shoreline,” “Logging Trestle,” “The Field,” “Static,” “Solitary,” “Probably Nobody,” “The Pleiades, “Lethe.”

Mary Barnard's Centenary, 2009, reported in The Columbian,

Preview of “Mary Barnard’s ‘North Window’: Imagism and the Pacific Northwest,’” Western American Literature, 44.3 (Fall 2009), 251-74,

The POETRY Anthology 1912-2002. Mary Barnard’s poem, The Fable of the Ant and the Word. March 20, 2003.

AOL Time Warner Book Group. Little, Brown and Co. Mary Barnard’s poem “Now” for book called Bartlett’s Poems for Occasions. Oct. 23, 2003.

Preview of "'Sand is the Beginning and the End / of our Dominion': Mary Barnard, H.D. and Imagism," Paideuma: Modern and Contemporary Poetry and Poetics, 36 (2007-2009; published 2010): 47-74

Mary Barnard Centennial Event, 2011, Reed College, reported in the Reed College Alumni Blog,

Pearson Education. Two poems (# 39 and # 9) from Mary Barnard’s Sappho: A New Translation for Discovering the Humanities; Ed. 2, to be published 1/2012.

Great Short Poems from Around the World, ed. Blaisdell, Dover. Poem by Mary Barnard, Three Translations from the Greek, No. 1 Creon or Anacreon “Ball Game” from her Collected Poems (Breitenbush 1979), p. 61. Sept. 19, 2013.

Preview of forthcoming book by Sarah Barnsley: Mary Barnard, American Imagist, (Albany, NY: SUNY Press, 2013),




Mary Barnard Papers at the Beinecke,