Published Books

“Cool Country” in Five Young American Poets 1940. Norfolk, CT: New Directions, 1940. Hardcover. Photographs. Poems by Mary Barnard, John Berryman, Randall Jarrell, W.R. Moses and George Marion O’ Donnell. Thiry-one poems, six of which were previously unpublished.

A Few Poems. Portland, OR 1952. Printed at the Graphic Arts Workshop, Reed College. Type Handset by Lloyd J. Reynolds and George Roe. Pamphlet containing twelve poems of which three were previously unpublished.

Sappho: A New Translation. Berkeley, CA: U of California Press, 1958. 114 pp. Paperback original. Published in England simultaneously by Cambridge UP. One hundred poems and fragments. Introduction by Dudley Fitts. Postscript, notes and a descriptive index by the translator.

The Mythmakers. Athens, OH: Ohio UP, 1966. 213 pp. Indexed. Hardcover. Sixteen essays on mythology, two of which were previously published (1963 and 1964.
Contents: “How to Make a Mythomorph,” “The God in the Flowerpot,” “Moon Mythology Reconsidered,” “The Mythmaker as Actor,” “To Make the Gods Laugh,” “A Dragon Hunt,” “Who Was Hathor?” “The Soothsayers,” “Grandfather Pleiades and Other Ancestors,” “Second Thoughts on Egg Symbolism,” “Eclipse,” “The Dancing Stars,” “A View of the Quarters,” “Space, Time and the Flood Myths,” “The Sibling Sucklings,” “The Mythmakers.”

Collected Poems. Portland, OR: Breitenbush Books, 1979. 101 pp. Designed and printed by John Laursen. Introduction by William Stafford. Hardcover and deluxe signed editions published simultaneously. Seventy-two poems, three of which were translations grouped under the title “Three Translations from the Greek.” The translations and thirteen other poems were previously unpublished. Winner of the 1979 Elliston Award for poetry.
The Mythmakers. Athens, OH: Ohio UP, 1979. Second hardcover printing and first softcover edition. Hardcover in different binding without dust jacket.

Collected Poems. Portland, OR: Breitenbush Books, 1981. First softcover edition.

Three Fables. Portland, OR: Breitenbush Books, 1983. 34 pp. Softcover, hardcover and hardbound in linen over boards, all three editions published simultaneously. The text first appeared in Kenyon Review (1948).

Assault on Mount Helicon: A Literary Memoir. Berkeley, CA: U of California Press, 1984. 331 pp. Hardcover. Illustrated. Note: Brief excerpts were previously published in Iowa Review (1982) and Malahat Review (1983), and William Carlos Williams: Man and Poet (1983).

Time and the White Tigress. Portland, OR: Breitenbush Books, 1986. 79 pp. Linocut illustrations and line drawing by Anita Bigelow. Hardcover, softcover and deluxe editions published simultaneously. Deluxe edition signed and in slipcase. A poem in twelve fyttes. Winner of the 1986 Wester States Book Award for poetry. “Song for the Northern Quarter” was previously published in Paris Review (1986) and “Coda: Song for the New Year” as a University of Buffalo Broadside (1985).

Nantucket Genesis: The Tale of My Tribe. Portland, OR: Breitenbush Books, 1988. 78 pp. Hardcover and softcover editions published simultaneously. Designed and printed by the Irish Setter, Portland, OR. Linocuts by Anita Bigelow. Family history. Verse narrative interspersed with documents.